Opie and Anthony return

Sure they’re degusting but so what!

Shock jocks Opie and Anthony who were fired from CBS for broadcasting a couple having sex in a church may be rehired by CBS who will potentially syndicate the show from XM Satellite Radio. What can be more ironic than shock jock Howard Stern leaving CBS (perhaps he was pushed out), then the shock jock gets sued along with the satellite company he goes to work for.

Then the same network goes out and gets two DJs who are arguably more offensive than Stern (wait, is that possible???).

It gets better, CBS would be syndicating a satellite program. This would be the first time this has happened.

This could be a historic deal if it is pulled off.

It is also good news for Kevin Martin who probably has excessive free time now that Howard Stern has left the airwaves. Just analyzing the every moment of Opie and Anthony’s broadcast could occupy about 2 dozen FCC staff members full time.

See this LA Times article for more.

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