What is an Oxygen Bar?

Since oxygen bars are not something you often see in this blog I think I caught some of you off guard when I wrote about one yesterday. So here are some answers to the questions I received last night.

I am no expert by the way but this is what people tell me about them. The trend started in Vegas. I have now seen them all over Miami.

The oxygen is "flavored" meaning it has a smell such as passion fruit, chocolate or sex on the beach. It is supposed to reduce the effects of a hangover which means many people last night were guzzling mojitos as the oxygenated themselves.

I hope they are awake for my keynote… I thought about slipping the Oxygen bartender some money so he could oxygenate the room during my talk today. Too bad I didn’t.

I didn’t feel any difference after being at the bar by the way.

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