Marxism Mainstream, Witchcraft a Problem

I am wondering how the mainstream media has become enamored with a Tea party candidate’s dabbling in witchcraft – repeating the story over and over. But when our President had numerous Marxist connections and still does, non of it got reported.

This country used to look at Marxists as enemies – when did the concept go beyond mainstream to something that is so taken for granted that no one questions it?

We spent billions of dollars to fight communism over the years sacrificed American lives and considered the spread of communism such a threat we almost went to nuclear war with Russia.

Yet a few decades later we seem to have forgotten what the country fought for all these years. We forget the eastern European immigrants who fled communism and the killings and oppression that went with it. I still hear stories of the food lines you had to wait in while in Russia and Poland and they horrify me.

And yet the media ignored the issue of Marxist ties to the White House through the whole election cycle and even today. With 50% of the country identifying with the Tea Party – attacking it constantly seems stupid. This is especially true when you consider all the names this movement has been called (and accusations made) over the few short months it has gained momentum.

The demise of magazines like Newsweek (sold for a dollar), Time and newspapers like the New York Times may have more to do with political bias than technilogical change.

People are more informed today than ever – they get all sides of the story and they realize who has an agenda. The days of the population being out of touch are over and we all have access to many viewpoints on the same events allowing us to determine who is most accurate in their reporting.

My article in Business Insider regarding the reason for newspaper failures has more and here is an excerpt:

Obamanomics: This strange brew of socialism, statism and the worst parts of communism wrapped into a slew of “demonize the successful” speeches and interviews being given by Barney Frank, Howard Dean and President Obama are keeping the wealthy from spending, investing and hiring and this in turn has major adverse consequences on employment and business. On top of that add the alternative minimum tax which will apply to just under 30 million people next year. Oh, and on top of that add increased healthcare taxes which by the way are responsible for increased healthcare insurance costs which have further crippled the economy. Who can you blame for helping to elect an administration which is the most unfriendly to business and employment most of us have seen?

The newspapers of course.

In total, 495 newspapers reaching 41 million people endorsed Obama compared to the 215 papers reaching 13 million who endorsed McCain. There is an expression which comes to mind; you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.

Then again, perhaps the established political parties are scared of what is brewing (pun intended) in the electorate.

But the Tea Party is loosely organized and consists of people who are fed up with bailouts but instead favor personal responsibility with limited central government and closer adherence to the constitution.

What’s even more incredible is that these are the principles this country was founded on and it has driven world prosperity for centuries. People who look to continue changing these ideals live in the Democrat and Republican party and they have never been more out of touch. The average American may not have the Ivy League degree of a politician but you can always count on them to have infinite common sense.

And you can expect common sense to prevail this November.

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