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I am flying down to Ft. Laderdale for ITEXPO now and read some things worth sharing. Currently I am reading the Janary 2006 issue of Poplar Science magazine.

We will see the first 4G networks in 2010 and they will transmit at 1 Gbps. One wonders how much such a connection will cost.

The Gennum nXZEN bluetooth headset has great noise canceling techology but is expensive and uncomfortable.

The 2006 Honda Gold Wing is a motorcycle with an airbag. The bag has a U shape to engulf the driver and keep them from hitting the handlebars. I am curious to know if an airbag on a motorcycle can reduce fatalities and/or injuries.

Sylvester Stallone has been in contless movies acting as a police officer. In one of these – I can’t remember the name, the futristic guns don’t work unless the DNA of the owner matches a database. Well now the New Jersey Institte of Technology or NJIT has devoped a gun that recognizes its owner’s grip and fires only when the owner is holding it. Error rates are low but need to go lower still to meet goverment standards.

There are some articles on robots in the military but reading them made me groggy so I stopped. I am skipping the artcle abot going to Pluto. Seems kind of boring. I will fill you in on the details in 2015 when the probe gets there.

There is even a Vonage ad in here. Seems new and I don’t think it is as nice as the old ones I’ve seen. There is a focus on features but the look of the ad doesn’t fit the company’s first class image.

There you have it. I have lots more to read but may try a brief nap before we land. Hope to see you soon.

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