ITEXPO Can’t Miss Events

The worst thing you can do at an industry event is miss one of the most important things that are happening. At Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week for example there is just so much happening that you will be hard-pressed to find something you shouldn’t attend. There are just so many unique educational events that you should make sure to get plenty of rest every night.

Here are some of the things I suggest you do while at the show. First and foremost, come by and say hello to me at a reception. Please tell me what TMC is doing wrong and right. We always want to improve and listening to our customers is how we have gotten to be one of the longest running publishing and conference companies around — founded in 1972!

Now I will do my best to make all receptions. There are three at the show — equally divided between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Check out this page for more information.

Oh yeah, while I am thinking about it make sure to bring your ID to the show. Here are details on the security of the convention center:

The Center is located at the northern end of Port Everglades, the world’s second largest cruise port. To ensure safety for all in the surrounding area, Broward Sheriffs’ Office established checkpoints at all entrances into the Port. Photo identification is required. Contact your Event Coordinator for further details.

Ft. Lauderdale has a lot to do. There is a system of canals that you can use to get to the happening parts of town (I advise always using a boat 😉 by the way). We are also about 30 minutes from Miami beach if the rhythm of South Beach calls your name. 🙂

I will try to make all meals so if you have a pass that allows you access to meals I may see you there as well.

Oh and by the way, if you see me on my Blackberry while a speaker is talking I am actually blogging. I blogged a lot at the last show via Blackberry. It is murder on the thumbs by the way. I may try to use my laptop whenever possible.

Other than the keynotes, sessions like The Future of IP Telephony, How to make Money Selling VoIP and Battle for the Enterprise are special attractions you cannot miss.

Furthermore, if you miss any keynotes this show you may be sorry. Why? Well our keynotes are often full of information you can’t find anywhere else. From unique ideas to market research you weren’t aware of you will come away more educated. I suggest you make all keynote sessions.

Remember that there are keynotes at this show you just can’t find anywhere else such a Tom Ridge and CNBC’s Ron Insana. You just can’t find keynotes of this caliber at other events. In addition we have Digium’s Mark Spencer, Eric Shepcaro from AT&T, Elliot Zeltzer from General Motors, Lawrence Byrd from Avaya and more. Companies such as Time Warner Telecom, IBM, Covad, Level3 and Cisco Systems are all represented.

In order to get the most out of any conference make sure to go to the conferences (if you have a conference pass), the exhibits and all networking functions. The meals at ITEXPO are amazing learning experiences. The level of audience participation in the breakfasts and lunches at past shows has been amazing in my opinion.

I guess the last few things to tell you are to bring your sunglasses and try to get away for a day or two after the show. I get this terrible feeling that a cold spell will hit the north while we are all down in Florida so be sure to bring your gloves and hats just in case we come back bone-chilling weather.

In closing, thanks for enabling me to have perhaps the most fun job in the world. I was reminiscing yesterday about how when we launched Internet Telephony Magazine I went to Comdex in November 1997 to let everyone know about our new publication.

I was met with universal ridicule by all exhibitors who told me that IP telephony was a toy. "Why would you launch a magazine in that space?" I heard frequently. A few people understood what we were doing, companies such as Lucent’s elemedia division, Vocaltec, DeltaThree and Natural Microsystems come to mind. Others thought we were just plain stupid and these people weren’t afraid to say so.

Needless to say, Internet Telephony Magazine is now one of the healthiest technology magazines and our show draws more buyers than any other VoIP show in the world. Again, thank you for allowing us to be where we are and allowing me to have a very fun job. Please have a safe trip to sunny Florida and don’t forget the suntan lotion 🙂

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