Mosquito Magnet One Solution to West Nile Outbreak

US West Nile cases have just surpassed 1,100, the highest number in a year since 1999 when the disease was first detected. According to reports, the disease is way under-reported and up to 94,000 people in the US could be infected with the disease.

I’ve been using Mosquito Magnet traps since 2005 – and these traps kill many of these biting insects – not just mosquitoes.

The trap works by emulating the breath of a cow which attracts biting insects which are subsequently sucked into a net and die from dehydration. A quite pleasurable experience is to watch them accumulate in your trap over time. Every one in there is one less which could bite and potentially kill you.

The downside is this particular trap works with propane which means you need to fill the tank every 21 days or so. Moreover, you need actual propane meaning propane exchange propane like Blue Rhino may not work as they have lower quality gas or a mix of water in the tank.

I have had one trap for many years and purchased a second recently and am blown away at how much better the newer trap is at catching mosquitoes. The company tells me the efficiency of the trap has improved over the years and even said there is a company called The Mosquito Store which will upgrade your old trap with new parts.

I haven’t tried the other traps on the market – most of them require a power cord which for me adds a nuisance factor. Regardless of which trap you choose, I want my readers to know that at least the Mosquito Magnet does work as advertised.

This post and its comments may help with common questions

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