Newest Form of Computer Input: Your Tongue

If you thought the battle for the newest computer input method was between gesture-based, keyboard, speech, etc — you would be missing out on one of the more recent advancements in computer input which is being used by the disabled. And that would be your tongue. Using a magnet and sensors, disabled people can communicate quite well with a computer.

I spent some time watching my tongue move in a mirror as I imagined the potentially infinite ways the tongue can move. It is quite possible that the tongue could become a more common method of input but then again, the idea of connecting a magnet to the tip of your tongue is probably not so appealing to the masses. I suppose swallowing these things could become a problem.

I should also mention this article appears on one of TMCnet’s newer sites — robotics. Take a look and let me know what you think of the new site.

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