Qualcomm iMoD: Breakthrough Biomemetic Screen Technology

One of the more interesting items worth sharing from this past week’s CTIA show last week in Las Vegas is an interview with Cheryl Goodman of Qualcomm who showed me a prototype of a revolutionary biomemetic screen technology called Mirasol which emulates nature. Specifically the display borrows from butterflies, mimicking the way the insect’s wings reflect light.

Using a technology called Interferometric Modulation or iMoD, the system uses two plates (the top one is a reflective membrane) which are separated by a small distance. A small voltage applied to the bottom plate brings the two closer together via electrostatic attraction (think balloon rubbed on your hair). The iMoD system allows three primary colors to be displayed – red which has the largest gap, green and blue which has the shortest gap. By combining these colors, a wide range of other colors can be created via this micro-electro-mechanical system or MEMS device.

As Cheryl alludes to, the technology displayed above which is really designed for e-readers is obviously applicable to phones as well and over time I, like Qualcomm expect the best of both worlds to merge.

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