Seriously? A Moon Base?

Like most fans of Newt Gingrich – I believe he can effectively articulate the conservative vision for America which someone will need to do in contrast to President Obama’s vision of a redistributive utopia. Obama fans I mean no disrespect – just that he will continue to take from some groups and give to others like what is being done with food stamps, healthcare, etc.

But when Newt said we need a moon base I almost fell off the bed – and I was lying in the middle of it so you can imagine the acrobatic positions my body involuntarily contorted into as a result of this bizarre utterance.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how any candidate who says he or she is conservative can be for building moon bases. Unless of course there are diamonds or gold up there – which frankly the US government can use.

To learn more check out this article from Doug Mohney on TMCnet titled: Moonbase Newt vs. Republican Pragmatics . 


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