TMCnet: 10 Million Page Views

TMCnet: reached 9,945,852 million page views in December 2005 according to WebTrends. This is an all-time high for our site. A page view is basically as the name implies a single page being viewed. So if a person comes to TMCnet and reads 5 articles, they generate 5 page views. As mentioned above, this is the largest number of page views our site has ever experienced and we are on track (fingers crossed) to shatter this number in January 2006.

Thanks for your support and being a loyal reader of TMCnet including our channels and more recently introduced IP Communications and Information Technology sites.

Please also remember that you can sign up for news alerts and/or XML/RSS feeds for any word or phrase you like. You can track Cisco, VoIP, SIP or your company or your competition. The news alerts pull from hundreds of thousands of feeds and articles including those written by the huge stable of TMC reporters and contributors.

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