The first issue of SIP Magazine will contain my Publisher’s Outlook which in turn will consist of a brief interview with Anjali Gupta, Corporate Marketing, Flextronics Software Systems as well as other SIP thought leaders. Here is the interview with Gupta:

1. Where is the SIP market headed?

SIP has become ubiquitous in the last couple of years for developers of next generation networks.  The industry has witnessed the emergence of a new breed of alternate carriers, who are growing at a tremendous pace, by betting on IP for providing innovative value added services. This will continue to fuel unprecedented growth in SIP at least for the next couple of years.

2. What are your expectations or estimates for the growth of the SIP market?

SIP will continue to enjoy broad adoption, at least for the next few years, and is expected to witness a solid double-digit growth. The current SIP enabling technologies market is estimated at $33M and expected to grow beyond $100M in the next five years (CAGR > 30%).

Though enterprise segment was the first to witness broad adoption; SIP network infrastructure market as a whole, currently estimated at $4B is expected to grow beyond $10B by 2009 (CAGR > 30%) with both incumbent carriers and CLEC’s embracing SIP.

3. How does the development of SIP affect your product plans?

The broad adoption of SIP enables Flextronics Software Systems (FSS), the largest vendor of SIP Enabling Technologies (SIP stacks, toolkits, and frameworks) with over 200 OEM customers, to further strengthen its position as the leading SIP vendor, and introduce innovative products, both for OEM’s and carriers. These ingeniously designed products enable OEM’s to roll-out innovative solutions that can be rapidly deployed thereby facilitating SIP adoption.

4. How do your customers benefit from SIP?

SIP has become the de-facto standard. It provides better value for end customers by providing imperatives such as multi-media, presence, device independence and instant messaging capabilities. As a result, carriers can increase their efficiency by migrating to SIP and provide an enhanced user experience to reduce churn and increase ARPU.

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    I have heard some great responses to the Flextronics interview posted on my blog and scheduled to appear in the premiere issue of SIP Magazine. I have just looked at some of the articles that will appear in the first…

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