WiFi, Autism Link

For obvious reasons I became alarmed when I read an article linking WiFi and autism (article intentionally not linked). I told some friends and relatives about the report and they all seemed concerned and asked for links to the story.
I should point out that when I heard about the link I thought it odd that WiFi was singled out as there are so many wireless signals in our houses from electric cables, cellular base stations, FM transmitters, satellite radio and TV. The list goes on and on in fact. For example cordless phones should be roughly equivalent to WiFi signals.
In any event, I did some post-Thanksgiving research and came across this article in the Financial Post which says another website has debunked the study. The credit goes to Ars Technica and ZDnet for pointing out the “scientists” behind the report may be fraudulent in fact.
So for those parents who were very concerned about the news that autism and WiFi are linked, it would seem it is too early to take any action as there is no serious link between the two.
I must say I feel terrible for any parents who have autistic children who blamed themselves as a result of this report. Hopefully there will be an investigation into this news and if indeed there is intentionally fraudulent research being passed as real, there will be criminal charges filed.

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