Itential Expands Automation Across Cisco SD-WAN, Cloud, and Data Center Networks

Intelligent network automation vendor Itential announced it has expanded its multi-domain automation capabilities with new integrations across Cisco powered SD-WAN, Cloud and Data Center Networks. Itential’s purpose-built adapters for Cisco systems such as Meraki, DNA Center, Viptela, ACI and expanded NSO integration, as well as deep support for 3rd party management tools, provides enterprises and service providers a single network API that simplifies integration and enables end-to-end automation across complex, multi-domain and multi-vendor environments. 

This means automation can be end-to-end, across the carrier and enterprise network.

According to a recent EMA survey, the top networking challenges for enterprises include lack of skills, fragmented management tools and lack of end-to-end network visibility, with even more automation silos occurring across different domains with the advent of SDN for data center, SD-WAN tools for the WAN and DevOps IT automation that have to span these multiple domains and vendors.

“Network automation is inherently a multi-domain problem as the vendor ecosystem continues to introduce a litany of controllers and orchestrators as the new management plane,” said Chris Wade, Itential CTO.  “Itential is focused on minimizing the effort required to integrate with the network and supporting systems by providing an open library of adapters and the self-service capability to build integrations. We believe the commoditization of network APIs is key for advancing network programmability and delivering modern, intelligent automation.”

Itential’s Network Automation Platform integrates with any Cisco tool and aggregates their capabilities into a single user interface, allowing teams to automate use cases that span operations, configuration management, service orchestration and policy management. Itential’s latest adapters for Cisco powered networks include enhanced automation capabilities for:

  • SD-WAN – SD-WAN technology is not standardized with a large diversity in management requirements. Itential orchestrates and automates the complex deployment of SD-WAN infrastructure, while supporting existing network infrastructure that is already in place, using a single automation platform.
  • Cloud – Itential manages all phases of the cloud infrastructure’s process automation and management, configuration, and compliance and remediation, from resource creation to deletion, reducing errors and the time spent on infrastructure deployments.
  • Data Center – The automation of initial and ongoing provisioning, network compliance monitoring and remediation are key components of today’s data centers.  Itential automates provisioning, manages network changes, and remediates day-to-day issues of data centers deployed in both virtual and physical cloud networks. Network teams can manage configurations, software upgrades, and integrations with other applications, meeting the needs of even the most complex data center deployments.

As automation becomes a pillar of providing digital transformation to companies – allowing them to be more efficient and responsive, Itential has expanded its list of compatible vendors to assist on your company’s DX journey.

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