Cyara Accelerates Contact Center Migrations to the Cloud

Everything is moving to the cloud – at this point, that shouldn’t come as a surprise but for contact centers the transition can be painful, time-consuming and potentially full of snags.

Some cloud companies allow data to be imported but lots of testing needs to be done. Sadly, it is often done manually. In this age of automation, AI and ML – we need to have computers help as much as possible.

Cyara has just launched Cyara Accelerator for Cloud Migration to automate and simplify the migration of contact centers to the cloud—de-risking what can otherwise be a long, complex, and often manual project. With this new offering, enterprises can more quickly gain the benefits of a cloud-based contact center platform, including reduced maintenance costs, greater scalability, improved compliance and greater agility in innovating their customer experience. Cyara Accelerator can speed up all migration projects to cloud-based contact center platforms, including those offered by Amazon Connect, Five 9, Genesys, NICE inContact, and Twilio.

“Customer experience is at the center of digital transformation, and organizations are moving their contact center platforms to the cloud to facilitate success,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO and co-founder of Cyara. “Cyara Accelerator helps get cloud-based contact centers up and running twice as fast, enabling enterprises to innovate more quickly, deliver higher-quality customer experiences, and leverage CX as a brand differentiator.”

Cyara Accelerator, built on the Cyara CX Assurance Platform, speeds up the entire development lifecycle for customer experience technology — including design, interactive voice response (IVR) discovery and documentation, functional and regression testing, voice quality testing, load testing, and production monitoring.

The solution works as follows:

  • Cyara simulates real-world customer interactions and engages with any contact center platform, across voice and digital channels, just as a customer would. 
  • Based on defined customer journeys, Cyara sends bots to emulate in-bound customers engaging with the contact center: testing all the paths, and documenting the results.
  • Every call placed by Cyara is intelligent, so CX leaders gain insights into performance and how to address any issues. 
    • Did the call connect in time? 
    • Did the actual prompt match the expected prompt? 
    • Did the call get delivered to the right agent skill group with the right data attached? 
    • Were there any connectivity issues, voice quality issues, dropped calls or maybe just a slight blip at the end of each prompt, signifying a VoIP problem? 
    • Cyara records it all, reports on it, and even lets managers you hear and benchmark their CX.

In this age of digital transformation and the future of work, Cyara helps companies bring the power of automation to your contact center.

Where do organizations go to learn more about digital transformation? The world’s only Future of Work Expo (collocated with the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow) of course. Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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