Martello and BlackBerry QNX Bring SD-WAN to the Car

It’s a very exciting day for drivers and passengers as Martello has partnered with Blackberry QNX to provide a solution which utilizes SD-WAN to simultaneously interface with multiple providers and cell towers to minimize the dropping of calls and connections.

Real-time communications is just that… Just as in an office, a network glitch can drop a call, so too in the car.

As drivers and passengers rely more and more on 24×7 connectivity, this innovation should be very helpful as it leverages existing networks and allows them to come into play more effectively, ensuring seamless connectivity.


Last year we discussed Martello’s meshed solutions and subsecond failovers in an exclusive interview with Tracy King, Director of Marketing,

The Proof of concept was announced today to mark National Autonomous Vehicle Day, The demonstration was developed as part of the BlackBerry QNX/L-Spark Accelerator, and was showcased at the recently launched L5 Track in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 28th.

Martello’s mobile network performance proof of concept demonstrates that it is possible to maintain reliable cellular network connectivity for bandwidth-intensive real-time services such as an autonomous moving vehicle. This offers potential for solutions such as the mobile office, autonomous trains and drones, disaster relief and emergency response, where reliable communication is critical to success and safety. Martello presented this solution recently to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police on their visit to the L5 Track in Ottawa.

Working with the BlackBerry QNX technical team over six months, Martello was able to provide connectivity to the infotainment system inside the BlackBerry QNX vehicle. “This proof of concept demonstrated that Martello’s technology can deliver reliable network connectivity in challenging mobile applications such as autonomous vehicles,” said Grant Courville, VP, Products and Strategy at BlackBerry QNX. “We’re pleased to have collaborated with Martello to bring this proof of concept to fruition, working with the BlackBerry QNX operating system.”

“This proof of concept is significant, because of the growing number of IoT applications which will require reliable network connectivity in challenging mobile environments, where both capacity and demand are variable,” said John Proctor, President and CEO of Martello. “I look forward to demonstrating our technology to the broader IoT and transportation ecosystem, and thank BlackBerry QNX for the opportunity to prove our concept with an industry leader.”

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