2020 Predictions from Zyter

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The following is a guest post from Harish Pai, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer.
2020 Predictions

1)Virtual Health Will Take Off in the U.S.

Harish Pai, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer.

Visiting a doctor in-person will soon become an outdated practice as the patient experience continues to become more digitalized. The U.S. will gradually work toward implementing more virtual health options as other countries have seen immense success with offering alternative forms of healthcare. In 2020 there will be a rise in the use of phone consultations, video chats and wearable health devices to diagnose health concerns. Once fully adopted and implemented in the U.S., virtual health is expected to drive down the cost of healthcare as people begin to receive services in the comfort of their own homes.

2) Augmented and Virtual Reality Healthcare

Looking ahead to 2020, several aspects of healthcare will be transformed through the use of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. For instance, doctors across the world will soon be able to directly broadcast and correspond with other doctors during a medical procedure. In addition to shared medical knowledge, AR and VR will be used to teach and train resident physicians for accuracy and precision.

3) IoT and 5G to the Rescue

In 2020, companies and governments will work toward developing and deploying more smart initiatives across the U.S. (i.e. smart cities, smart hospitals, smart warehouses, etc.). One industry in particular – emergency response – is expected to mesh 5G networks with IoT capabilities to save lives. Equipped with actionable data and real-time responses, cities and governments will be more proactive when it comes to responding to emergencies, evacuations and crime. Levering the interconnected power of 5G and IoT, emergency response teams will be able to instantly pin point people, timing, location and cause.

4) The AI Takeover Will Be Exponential

As the development of AI infrastructure becomes normalized in 2020, businesses will begin to leverage their existing tech stack to grow at exponential rates. The time and cost it once took to implement AI will be cut in half and AI will soon be treated as a service (AIaaS) to optimize and enhance business objectives. However, companies need to be cautious and carefully monitor when and how fast AI self-evolves. In 2020, we expect AI will still be managed by human control as companies race to identify boundaries.

5) Privacy and Security Will Spark a Fire

While digital privacy concerns are not new, 2020 will spark a greater focus on security for both consumers and businesses alike. With the growth of 5G, AI and IoT devices, data security risk will spike, causing businesses to invest more heavily in cybersecurity initiatives and solutions. 2020 will lead to a more in-depth debate on the line between privacy and security as well as selling and storing consumer data for private gains.

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