CloudFactory Gets $65M for Future of Work in Data Labeling

CloudFactory describes themselves as masters of the art and science of labeling data for machine learning and more using virtually any tool on the planet.

They provide scalable teams and flexible workforce solutions to accurately process high-volume, routine tasks and time-sensitive data.

They just received $65 million in growth equity funding. FTV Capital led the investment, with participation from Weatherford Capital. The investment marks an exciting milestone in CloudFactory’s mission of providing meaningful work for one million people as the company seeks to scale operations while continuing to deliver high-quality data work for its global customers.

“As AI technology continues to grow rapidly, the need for high-quality data to feed complex AI systems is crucial,” said Alex Mason, FTV Capital partner. “CloudFactory is poised for tremendous growth across many industry verticals where executives are clamoring for data labeling capabilities that meet superior quality standards and are consistently delivered. We are excited to partner with CloudFactory’s proven management team who have the unique vision and exemplary execution skills to achieve their business goals and successfully fulfill their mission.”

AI and machine learning continue to advance, yet many AI disruptors lack the ability to process and label the voluminous amount of data required to feed complex AI and machine learning algorithms. CloudFactory’s WorkStreams combine people and technology to deliver high-quality data to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from resource-strapped startups to large enterprises.

To perform this work, CloudFactory employs a tech-forward, managed workforce that provides workers in the developing world with opportunities to connect to the digital economy while empowering them as leaders in their families and communities. Delivery centers in Nepal and Kenya have become anchors within their communities that drive economic and social impact. The workforce has been trained on and uses over 100 different annotation tools – including proprietary tools and those available through CloudFactory’s partnerships with technology providers such as HivemindOnepanelDeepen and Dataloop – in a way that results in the highest quality data delivered for a wide variety of uses.

With this growth equity investment, CloudFactory plans to invest in three core areas:

  • Workforce development, education and training: Improved growth and educational opportunities for employees to rise as leaders in their communities, reach their potential and grow their skill sets to aid in career advancement
  • Global market awareness and business development: Strategic investments in sales and marketing to create broader awareness for CloudFactory’s workforce solutions in the global marketplace
  • Technology advancement: New technologies and expanded capabilities in existing systems to provide greater automation, increase collaboration and improve efficiency for CloudFactory’s workforce and customers as the business continues to scale
Mark Sears, CloudFactory founder and CEO

“The future of AI and machine learning innovation will be driven by people, and we believe our focus on people has been the biggest contributor to our growth,” said Mark Sears, CloudFactory founder and CEO. “A company can have the best tools, but people are the critical factor in determining the quality of data feeding these algorithms. By valuing our workforce above all else they become more engaged in their work and, using the best tools, deliver the highest quality data for our customers.”

The future of work (FOW) – as we have defined, involves taking the best of AI and ML as well as human beings to allow far more productivity per-person. Similar to the industrial revolution, in the FoW, workers are now able to produce far more and become more valuable to organizations. CloudFactory has found an important niche in annotating data which is much-needed in our new big-data world and has been rewarded.

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