2020 Will be the Year of MSP Cybersecurity

The Massive MSP Cybersecurity Opportunity

For many years, Your’s Truly has been invited to keynote industry conferences loaded with MSPs and traditional VARs looking to become MSPs.

My message has been the same – the opportunity for MSPs in cybersecurity is massive.

There are not enough cybersecurity workers and companies have to outsource this function. Even when they have in-house talent, they need people on the outside to pen test, audit systems, and ensure compliance is in place.

There are thousands of cybersecurity solutions on the market and companies need many of them to stay secure. Which are the ones that work best together and which companies are worth buying from? These are genuine decisions every company faces.

They cannot possibly have the experience needed to stay up to date on this field unless they spend half or more of their time researching and testing various solutions.

MSPs are in a unique position. We are often brought in to companies to help them with their cybersecurity needs. Maybe after a breach? We have seen an MSP called in after a hard drive was wiped – most likely from the outside, from most likely, a past employee.

MSPs are exposed to these sorts of issues on a daily basis. We have learned best practices and what solutions might work well but are difficult to use.

Installing such a solution for a company is a bad idea because when the current cybersecurity person leaves (and turnover is a real industry problem) the next worker may not know how to use the tool properly.

It’s why outsourcing was invented – to allow companies to focus on their core competency and the outsourcer does what they do best.

2020 will be the tipping point for cybersecurity in the MSP – this is the year where for many MSPs, cybersecurity, ransomware protection and business continuity will go from being a growing revenue source to a dominant one. In other words – the year of MSP Cybersecurity.

MSPs love cybersecurity and coincidentally, next Valentine’s Day week – Feb 12-14 is when MSP EXPO takes place in Fort Lauderdale. It will be MSP Cybersecurity week! And thanks for asking – yes, you will still be able to fly home for Valentines’ Day on the 14th.

In addition – we will have a major super session on the topic that Your’s Truly, Rich Tehrani will be moderating.

We can’t wait. If you think you can add value on the topic below, please reach out ASAP. 2020 will be an amazing year and we can’t wait for this event and the year of MSP Cybersecurity!

The Massive MSP Cybersecurity Opportunity

Thursday – 2/13/20

The onslaught of hacks and ransomware attacks on data centers and cloud providers, coupled with increased regulation from the EU and U.S., such as GDPR, the New York Shield Act, and the California Consumer Privacy Act, means companies need to shore up their cybersecurity postures or risk being put out of business. Two of the biggest IT budget items going forward will be dealing with cybersecurity and regulations. There are thousands of cybersecurity solutions on the market – Some work well together, while others do not. There is no substitute for an experienced MSP or MSSP to help companies deal with vendor selection, a security plan, pen testing, BCDR, patch management, and other security-related needs. This is the largest opportunity our market has ever had. The best part is we will make our money protecting our customers from the bad guys. There is no better or nobler opportunity than that.

Registration is openMSP EXPO is part of the ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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