Cybersecurity Predictions From Secure Collaboration Platform Wire

Rasmus Holst, chief revenue officer of secure collaboration platform Wire, predicts that in 2020:

1. Cyberattacks will become the number one threat to our global economy. Data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable commodity and yet, cybersecurity measures are still not keeping data secure. In 2020, we’ll see a perfect storm of interconnected systems, more remote working and sophisticated bad actors leading to cyberattacks becoming the most prominent threat to a company’s market cap, and the global economy as a whole.

2. Collaboration tools will mature into new categories. The most popular application in every workplace are communication/collaboration solutions – but thanks to the rapid growth of various tools and specific requirements from users, we’ll see this market mature into specific categories in 2020. We’re already seeing solutions primarily focused on integration, all-in-one suites and security, and these will be recognized as categories in their own right next year.  

3. Zero-trust on the rise as enterprises will “trust no one.” The first half of 2019 had 4.1 billion records exposed due to data breaches. This trend will only increase as global work infrastructures continue to change. For example, complex systems are becoming more interconnected and employees are becoming more mobile, leading to them being less guarded by traditional forms of security. In 2020, zero-trust environments – one that assumes that all data, devices, apps and users are inherently insecure and must be authenticated/verified before being granted access – will become essential for all applications that organizations use most frequently. Moreover, enterprises will demand – and technology vendors will proactively conduct – third party audits to address (lack of) security concerns. 

4. Enterprises will adopt privacy and security regulation from the consumer realm. Bills and laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are ushering in a new age of government regulation. In the next year and beyond, enterprises will use such regulations as the de facto way for doing business. This approach will help to fortify an organization’s posture on handling data privacy, while getting ahead of potential emerging regulations in the enterprise.

We believe these are spot-on predictions and we think cybersecurity already is the greatest threat to the global economy. In the past we have discussed the potential for a cyber 9/11 – at some point soon this will come. Politicians are predicting it and we have seen mega-events which have taken down numerous organizations at one time.

Sadly, we believe businesses arent ready.

How do you stay secure or at least drastically reduce the risk? Just follow these three steps:

1) Read cybersecurity essentials – a simple list which will help most organizations become far more secure.

2) Go to a phishing simulation vendor now and sign up for one of their offerings. Phishing BoxKnowBe4 and Phish360; are all great. This is needed to train workers by testing them without their knowledge by sending real-looking emails to their inboxes. If they click, they are immediately trained on what not to do.

3) We also recommend you get a free evaluation of your cybersecurity risk from an MSP/MSSP immediately – they can also help you build in the needed compliance to reduce the risk of being fined.

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