Cybersecurity Tax Credits are Needed

One of the primary roles of government, if not the most important one, is to protect citizens. Yesterday, a U.S. family was slaughtered in Mexico by drug cartels and almost before the blood was cold, there were calls by American government officials to start a war with the cartels in conjunction with the Mexican government,

Wow, that was fast.

Yet, U.S. citizens and businesses are under constant cyber-attack by organized crime, terrorists like ISIS and nation-states like Iran, China, North Korea and Russia to name a few.

The government says they want to help – they warn that a cyber 911 is coming and that they need to take action.

Yet we all know the government is not up to the task.

Quite often, in fact, the exploits being used to hack U.S. companies originated in intelligence agencies and leaked out.

In fact, the city of Baltimore wanted to hold the NSA accountable for a ransomware attack which was a result of an NSA exploit which got out in the wild.

We are faced with a seemingly lose-lose scenario. Companies are being attacked with a massive amount of government resources from around the world and they can’t rely on their own government to protect them.

What is the solution?

Perhaps, the same one that helped Tesla get started and to this day, acts as an incentive to get people to buy electric vehicles.

Tax credits.

The idea has been popularized by John Leitch, who heads Winquest Cyber Services, a Baltimore, Maryland-area MSSP.

If local, state and the federal government wants to really protect its workers, businesses and economy, it will pass bills that give incentives for companies to protect themselves.

This credit would especially appeal to smaller companies that believe they are too under the radar to get hacked – until they inevitably do.

The idea is sound, has been proven to work and is the best way for governments to reduce the risk of attacks hurting their workers, companies and economies.

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