HYPR Gets $18.3M to Eliminate Enterprise Passwords

We had to pause for a moment before we wrote this to jump for joy. No more passwords? What a world that would be. How many times have we repeatedly typed in a password into an account we don’t use that often – only to be scolded by the website – telling us our password is wrong.

We reset the account – the password email goes into the spam filter and we need to dig it out.

Ugggghhh. We feel the anxiety building.

It’s why we got excited to see biometrics company HYPR got funded.

The company has just grown 350% YoY and this $18.3 adds to a total funding amount of $32M.

George Avetisov, CEO and Co-founder of HYPR

“Our customer-first strategy has allowed us to successfully eliminate passwords in a way that’s easy to use and easy to deploy. We believe that True Passwordless Security is the best approach for companies of all sizes to prevent fraud, reduce security costs, and increase productivity while delivering the best possible user experience,” said George Avetisov, CEO and Co-founder of HYPR.

“User experience is at the heart of everything we build. As board members of the FIDO Alliance, we recognized early on that the industry was heading in this direction and to this day our team remains laser-focused on eliminating passwords. Having cybersecurity experts like Greg Dracon and the .406 Ventures team participate in this round enables us to continue driving that vision forward and accelerate the delivery of best-in-class passwordless security for our customers,” said Roman Kadinsky, COO and Co-founder of HYPR.

In 2016 we reported HYPR Corp. identified the increasing availability of fingerprint scanners on mobile devices as a risk, and to secure these biometric markers on mobile devices, the company has released a biometric tokenization platform that will augment these systems with strong cryptographic security.

We also had a guest-post from George Avetisov talking about the biometric internet of things later that year.

We are excited to see how far the company has come and look forward to the passwordless-world they envision.

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