Edify Gets $10M to Revolutionize the Contact Center

Having been in the contact center space since before it was called call center or “anything center,” we tend to spot the new and amazing technologies when they come to market.

One is from Edify Labs – the company we said was revolutionizing the contact center.

“Tools available to us as consumers, like Facetime, are wildly superior to what we have available to us when we engage with our favorite brands. This is clearly the result of decades without competition in this technology space, resulting in nearly zero product development,” said Cameron Weeks, Edify co-founder and CEO. “It’s completely unacceptable that agents have better technology in their pockets than the call center technology the company has invested millions into, but that stopped June 26th.”

The above-quote was from our last post on the company. Cameron and the Edify team have brought industry-leading tech into an integrated cloud-based solution which is easy to try and use.

The system allows all business communications to function together in a true unified communications capacity. It allows chats, voice calls and video chat, as well as business SMS via use of direct dial numbers (PID). Users can download Android and iPhone apps to play voicemails, see recent calls and more.

Cameron calls it Business Communications as a Service, or BCaaS. We call it digital transformation and the future of work. There is no reason it can’t be all three at once.

They just received $10M in funding and will use the capital to increase its market presence and build its teams to continue to build and deliver a product that delivers on the promises of cloud computing, machine learning, real-time communications, and customer experience.

In addition, they hired Candace Sheitelman to be their new CMO. We first met her when she worked for a company called Cellit – the packet-based contact center company. They were the first to transmit calls in this manner. At the time – in the late nineties they had to use ATM to ensure call quality. This was before IP communications became popular.

This seems to be the next game-changing company Candace will be involved in. We are excited to see the company’s news as time goes on.


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