I may have really screwed this prediction up. You remember yesterday when I said nobody wants the Kindle, the e-book reader from Amazon. Well apparently Amazon has announced today that they sold out of the units in stock. Normally this would mean I am way off with my prediction from about 24 hours earlier. The only catch? Amazon won’t say how many devices they had to begin with.
It is obvious the company is embarrassed to tell us the real number they sold out of so either two things are at play here.
1)      The early adopters purchased one of these and sales will slow down once the units are back in stock
2)      I am so wrong on this call and will be apologizing to my readers (and Jeff Bezos) soon.
Why do I think this device is a stupid idea without even seeing it? I am not sure really. Perhaps because it isn’t as functional as a cell phone or PDA? Perhaps because it seems to be a product which does less for consumers – not more. Perhaps because e-book readers have been around for a while and haven’t caught on?
Could I be wrong on this prediction? Yes. But Amazon not releasing numbers is not really such a good sign. Apparently someone at the leading online retailer didn’t think too highly about the demand for this product either.
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