SecurityScorecard Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

This past may we broke the news SecurityScorecard released (PDF) election cybersecurity rankings of numerous nations – at the time the U.S. ranked number five behind Sweden, Northern Ireland, Germany, and Italy. It beats Switzerland, Scotland, UK, Poland, Spain and France.

Security ratings from SecurityScorecard provide businesses and government agencies with a third-party, independent view into the security behaviors and practices of their own organization as well as that of their business partners. For many enterprises, security ratings are a required component of their overall security program.

The company just announced it is part of the IBM Security App Exchange Community allowing for letter-grade security ratings as well as issue-related data on 87 different issue types.

“As the first security ratings vendor to offer an integration through the IBM Security App Exchange, SecurityScorecard is expanding its reach by providing joint customers direct access to their own cybersecurity risk posture, as well as that of their third-party cyber risk,” said John Francis, Senior Product Manager, SecurityScorecard. “Through the ability to better identify and take action on variability in the scorecard, our joint customers will increase visibility to changes in cybersecurity risk posture and be able to react and remediate quickly, effectively leading to a decrease in overall risk exposure.”

We can tell you from painful, personal experience – it seems most small to medium businesses look at IT and cybersecurity as an afterthought -they want to spend as little as possible. In turn, they often get hit with cybersecurity events and spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars because they are not prepared. This can also lead to bankruptcy – we have sadly seen it happen.

At least if there was a common way to grade companies, the CEOs would know they rate poorly and perhaps not be so surprised when they get hit. Or the companies who care about staying in business will actually make some changes to protect themselves.

Either way – having the ability to know where your company ranks is an important step in improving cybersecurity posture. We believe this news of SecurityScorecard being part of the IBM Security App Exchange Community is positive news for many businesses who can benefit from the experiences of both companies.

Need some tips?

We have put together cybersecurity essentials – a simple list which will help most organizations become far more secure.

Please go to a phishing simulation vendor now and sign up for one of their offerings. Phishing BoxKnowBe4 and Phish360 are all great.

We also recommend you get a free evaluation of your cybersecurity risk from an MSP/MSSP immediately.

Finally, learn about the latest in the ChannelMSPs and Cybersecurity at the world’s only #TechSuperShow, ITEXPO, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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