Tech That Scares us to Death This Decade

Mostly we cover the positives of tech advancements but that would sugarcoat some of the greatest challenges humanity will face this decade.

1) Cybersecurity is a known issue – we have covered the topic before but sadly, we predict in the next decade we will see hacks leading to deaths. There are many ways to pull this off – hacking industrial control systems, traffic lights, smart cities, pacemakers, etc.

2) Drones/robots should scare us all to death. Boston Robotics demos are incredible and militarization of drones has already happened. We know Turkey has attached machine guns to drones. Other options are plastic explosives. It is impossible to see how we can secure an outdoor stadium in the future. Airplanes are another concern.

It would be exceedingly easy for a foreign terrorist group to launch these at scale.

3) This last area should be a tremendous concern to civil libertarians. What if law enforcement gains access to autonomous vehicle control systems and diverts people of interest to a police station or other law enforcement agency without their consent? We can think of a lot of middle-eastern and Asian countries where this will obviously be done.

In short – tech will continue to make our lives far better but will advance at the expense of freedom and privacy. This of what happened with smart speakers but far worse. The trade-off this decade will cross a tipping point and sadly, there is no turning back.


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