I have heard some great responses to the Flextronics interview posted on my blog and scheduled to appear in the premiere issue of SIP Magazine. I have just looked at some of the articles that will appear in the first issue and am very impressed at what my editorial team has put together. Remember to get your own free subscription soon so you don’t miss an issue or visiting SIP Magazine online.

Here is an interview with Aculab’s founder and CEO Alan Pound:


Rich: Where is the SIP market headed?

Alan: The SIP market is undoubtedly headed for a bright future, having gone well beyond a ‘heralding of the dawn’ phase. The broad industry commentary on protocols for use in next-generation networks is focused almost exclusively on SIP. There are areas of concern, such as security, which provide opportunity for innovation – and solutions.

Rich: What are your expectations or estimates for the growth of the SIP market?

Alan: I would always defer to the purveyors of expensive industry reports on this kind of question. Figures abound for forecasts, all of which confirm SIP is in the ascendancy. Aculab products benefit from an integrated SIP stack offered under a cost free licence, which gives customers a great boost and contributes to the growth of the market.

Rich: How does the development of SIP affect your product plans?

Alan: SIP is a central pillar of Aculab’s IP-centric product plans. Aculab offers a feature rich SIP stack and will continue to invest in enhancements in line with demand and the evolution of the protocol. Together with Prosody X, our SIP offering enables a wide variety of telco and enterprise communications solutions that bring many advantages.

Rich: How do your customers benefit from SIP?

Alan: Quite apart from the obvious value inherent in an Aculab SIP solution, which helps to protect margins in a competitive arena, the feature rich nature of our API enables customers to use SIP for more than basic call control – third party call control and the efficient use of media resources being good examples.

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