Forrester VoIP Study

Apparently VoIP Could grow more quickly according to a study from Forrester. The company says their research shows VoIP software is too hard to use. I have asked for the report but haven’t received it yet. I just wonder if there are any software packages that have been downloaded more rapidly than VoIP software. When you think about it, the last five years has seen an explosion in VoIP adoption.
Other than p2p solutions, it is tough to think of software that has propagated so quickly. For the most part however VoIP software is much easier to use than these other software solutions.
Can VoIP be easier to use? Yes. Is it a reason for a lack of adoption? Probably only for a small percentage of the population.
Sometimes research seems counterintuitive and other times it just seems like the research is wrong. In my opinion the study is somehow not taking something important into account.
For example, perhaps the study was of grandparents or people uncomfortable with computers. Take an average 12 year old in America and throw any VoIP package in front of them and then blindfold them. They will have no trouble using it.
Hopefully the study will hot my inbox soon so I can do some further analysis of the findings.

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