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I met up with Barry Sher last week and hadn’t spoken to him in a while. He used to work for Telephony Experts back in the good old days of the nineties when Computer Telephony and CTI were all the rage.

Barry now works for a company called IVR Technologies and we had a chance to go over what is exciting in the world of telecom and SIP.

His company develops SIP applications and one of their products is called Talking SIP which is a Software only service that calls anywhere — any time via SIP. As Barry describes it, customers bolt up to Level3 or Teleglobe and they peer via sip.

Talking SIP is a real-time media server, billing server and application server in one box. One application it can handle is prepaid calling cards or a reminder service that performs wake up calls.

Talking SIP performs real-time call processing via SIP messaging and provides independent, script-controlled IVR prompting over RTP. In addition the software provides call triggers, notification services, SMS. These services are perfect for Vonage competitors who may want to provide consumers a second line or just differentiate themselves in a crowded market

Barry waxed poetic about applications his platform can provide so naturally I queried him on this and he gave me examples of all the service he is seeing:

Wake up services
Mobile/home blending
Portal to control calls
Getting voicemail from anywhere
Forwarding calls from cell to home
Piggybacking on one number
Find me follow me/call transfer
Callback: announce call and room number –for hotels — can perform DTMF for auto attendant

The software is shrink-wrapped and intuitive according to Sher. The best customer is tier 2 and 3 service providers according to him. New services will boost margins and reduce churn he says and I agree.

So my take on all this is we are beginning to see the golden age of services come to light. There are more and more products that target new and innovative application delivery and as this happens we will hit on a suite of killer applications for customers.

In time killer applications will definitely be defined by the IP communications customers so service providers have to be flexible enough to rapidly respond to the needs of customers.

After all, the web is showing us that personalization has the potential to continue to get more and more granular. Consumers are custom-configuring news readers with the content they want from the sources they want and on the topics they want. Will IP communications be far behind this trend? I think not. If you are service provider you want to be ahead if this (r)evolution, not behind it.

And where do service providers go to learn about the applications they need to maximize their revenue? To ITEXPO of course. Under one roof, the world’s service providers from up to 70 countries will learn about  IMS IPTV, VoIP, SIP, collaboration, open source, voice peering and more. Read more here.

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