MetaSwitch Cable Telephony

MetaSwitch has always been a leading edge technology company and they know acronyms well. Perhaps that is why they aren’t afraid to launch YAIPCA or Yet Another IP Communications Acronym. In this case it is COMETE! Or Cable Operator Multiservice Platform for Enhanced Telephony Evolution.

“From a technology perspective, this is an entire network,” said Andy Randall, vice president of marketing at MetaSwitch. “And we’re backing it up with professional services for operators who want help deploying voice for the first time or with the next step in migrating to IMS.”
The platform is built on Cisco’s IP Next-Generation Network infrastructure (IP NGN) and utilizes the unspecificed bit rate (uBR) series of cable modem termination systems (CMTS), Linksys multimedia telephone adapters, MetaSwitch’s own multimedia session control and Scientific-Atlanta set-top boxes. It also uses Cisco’s Service Exchange Framework (SEF) for seamless support for Web 2.0 and .NET applications.

I applaud MetaSwitch working with Cisco – very smart move as Cisco is doing very well in the cable market. My recent trip to Cisco’s headquarters left me very impressed with the networking giant’s cable strategy. The Cable market is poised to grow for years to come as they gear up to fight off the ILECs so in summary TIAVSMFM or this is a very smart move for MetaSwitch.

See Authur Cole’s in-depth story on the MetaSwitch cable telephony news.

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