Not Your Father’s Phone Service

If you thought callers exhibit the same behavior regardless of the type of technology they use, you would be wrong. In fact, callers on VoIP lines make many more long distance calls. Of course it is not the underlying technology making the difference here it is the calling plan which is generally flat rate (or at least a lower per-minute rates) for VoIP.

[Gary Kim]

  • tom
    March 12, 2008 at 1:30 am

    it makes perfect sense. but i do not believe that it is a matter of “i have VOIP now i will make more long distance calls” but rather “i keep getting this big phone bill so i switched to VOIP”
    if i get away from my little group of techie friends the only reason anyone uses VOIP is to save money. almost all of those user find that there traditional phone service was a better quality service but are willing to take the sacrifice for the savings.
    i really believe to build a VOIP business for the future the companies need to get away from promoting ‘features’ and instead concentrate on pricing, call quality, and customer service. most people really do not care about anything else and call quality and customer service are lacking from most of the current services. especially if it is a phone line replacement type service where open SIP dialing is not going to be a feature anyways we should be seeing more exotic new codecs and digital processing technologies so that the companies can start competing on voice quality basis. that is what will not only attract but also retain customers as competition heats up.

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