Tremendous IMS Article

Here is a truly wonderful article detailing how carriers are going to be deploying IP Multimedia Subsystem technology and how this will allow consumers to do so much more with their telephony. This article also touches on the underlying technology and mentions that no one has a full IMS based network yet. Many service providers are going in that direction but to date there just aren’t enough IMS ready products to build a full network.

It would seem based on this article that Lucent is doing well so far in selling IMS systems to the largest US based carriers. I have been speaking with other companies that are also beginning to sell many IMS based products. It seems that IMS just like VoIP and SIP before it is revitalizing the telecom market and the technology has set off a bonanza of opportunities for equipment providers and service providers alike.

  • Al Bredenberg VoIP & CRM Blog
    February 22, 2006 at 11:47 am

    Lucent’s Giere Comments on IMS and Cultural Change

    In a recent blog entry, Rich Tehrani called attention to some comments by John Giere, chief marketing officer at Lucent Technologies, about the migration to an IMS (IP multimedia subsystem)-based communications architecture.Giere’s comments are summari…

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