Next Generation Communications Resource Launched

If there is one certainly it is that technology seems to evolve at a faster clip today than at any other time in our lifetimes. Moore’s Law is part of this evolution but just as important is convergence. And by convergence I don’t just mean voice and data. At this point it has become more than apparent that the every market is converging with one another. For example all of the following are merging — wired, wireless, web, devices, network equipment, carrier, enterprise, consumer, gaming, entertainment, etc.

In such an environment it is apparent we are seeing the makings of the next generation of communications networks. Just think about it… In the past years we have seen the rise of EVDO, 3G, WiMAX, ubiquitous WiFi and the beginnings of femtocells and FMC. I have been hooked on communications and tech since I first started playing Pong, Space Invaders and my parents bought me a state of the art advanced computerized calculator in the seventies.

But even today, I still get the childhood sense of wonder as I witness markets evolve.

We are seeing things we never thought we would see – phones with the power to replace computers, speech recognition systems which allow users to search the web with their voice and software which allows a phone to determine what music is playing and that can determine what an album cover or book is, just by taking a photo of the cover.

And it is just getting started. I wish I could transport forward one decade or more to see how the future generations communicate. I won’t be surprised to see baby rattles replaced with waterproof baby phones which allow parents to check on the baby via embedded cameras while the infant enjoys soothing sounds and images emanating from the same device.


To help you along the journey towards discovering this brave new world of next generation communications, TMC has partnered with Alcatel-Lucent to provide you with your very own news-rich Global Online Community focused on next generation communications which we hope you will find infinitely useful.

In order to keep up with the wealth of information in the space, the TMC editorial team and the brightest minds at Alcatel-Lucent will be working around the clock and covering the next-gen communications market, giving you the stories you need and want to be aware.

At the moment, there are some very useful feature articles worthy of your consideration. For example, as carriers embrace the transformation to IP, a dedicated article on the topic is a must read. Likewise an article on how Web 2.0 and other technologies will create wealth – as it did in the industrial revolution, is thought provoking.

There is more and the GOC is organized into enterprise and carrier news allowing you to further delve into specific areas of coverage such as education, energy, finance, hospitality and more. In the carrier space you can find information which is technical, strategic or focusing on the user experience.

I would like to personally welcome Alcatel-Lucent to TMCnet and I am confident the content found on this community will be some of the most thought-provoking and useful you will find anywhere. As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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