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I am not sure what the category of product is that converts voicemail to e-mail but I suppose voicemail transcription covers it nicely. Recently wrote about SpinVox and how the company converts voicemail to e-mail automatically.
I am in a conference today where I cannot take calls. I did however receive an e-mail just now:
Daddy. I want Daddy to talk. Bye.
– Powered by SpinVox.
My daughters are 2 and 3 years old so I am not sure which daughter it was who left the message. Regardless… Getting an e-mail like this right after it is left cannot be done without voicemail transcription. And it certainly brightened my day.
Expect a very large software company (who has an e-mail and speech solution) – not from California — to add this functionality to their next version of e-mail software. I can’t tell you who without getting in trouble. See this article for other reasons why voicemail transcription is the future.
Oh and incidentally, many analysts think SpinVox uses humans to clean up their transcription service. The company says they do not.

  • Siva kumar
    December 7, 2008 at 9:36 am

    We are working for a very reputed company in US from India on Voicemail Transcription. We do two types of message one the automated messages which are more struchred and meaningful. Second type of message are between individuals leaving personal messages varying from inviting people to parties to very personal messages. These message are tend to be inconsistent and generally not very coherent, and such message are generally quite difficult to transcribe due to the fact they tend to shift subject matter with a frequency which is often renders less accuracy. I would like invite comments on this subject and the possiblity of legal complication due inaccurate transcriptions.

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