3D-Printed Homes to Replace Those Lost in Panama City, Florida

Our pal Mike Ross – who has been in tech and telecom as long as we can remember lives in Panama City, Florida where a devastating Hurricane Michael hit and devastated much of the city.

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No doubt, you have seen Mike and other members of his family at ITEXPO as he has been to virtually every single one. He has had a distinguished career at Dialogic, Rhetorex, Aculab, 4PSA, etc.

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He has an initiative called New Community HOMES and he hopes to rebuild much of what was lost. According to Mike:

The city of Panama City is granting me a parcel of land and paying me to build a spec home for the community to see later this year.  I’ve added an architect to my team to design some very attractive coastal cottage workforce homes. My target is still building a 3×2 1200sqft home for $100k and these are the kind of homes that were destroyed by the hurricane.  

Since over 10k housing units have been lost, the demand is greater than anyone can even imagine.  My team and I are passionate about doing our part to make a dent in these numbers.  Its a 3-5 year effort to really see what we hope to accomplish with additive manufacturing using 3D robot printers.  I’m confident that the solution is one of technology, material, design and processes.

Constructions-3D will supply the printers – here is a demo below of how they work.

We wish Mike all the luck in the world – if you want to get involved, invest, contribute, etc. – please reach out to him directly.

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