7 Trendy New Jobs

CNNMoney.com is reporting that 7 new trendy jobs have popped up. Here is my take.

Director of mobile computing:

It would be even better if Apple designed mobile computing solutions so we wouldn’t need so much support!

Director of internal controls: This is the new Sarbanes-Oxley manager. If it keeps companies ethical I am all for it. The cost of this department is making many public companies go private.

Business continuity director: Post 9/11 this is much needed.

Chief people officer: They manage that warm cushy team atmosphere. Great idea.

Parent coordinator: They deal with divorce issues such as who takes the kid to piano lessons.

Instead — we should have less divorces.

Residence concierge:

An exclusive club. Membership includes the 24/7 services of a residence concierge who will arrange for everything from stocking your refrigerator, managing your household staff, arranging for all your transportation and setting up customized events for you and your family.

My two cents – are you serious??

Blog editor:

Of course the most important new job here. No sarcastic comment on this one 🙂

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