A Million Dark Web Facebook Users Value Privacy, Security and Safety

Each month, over one million people access Facebook over the dark web via Tor. So why does Facebook offer such a site and why would people even want to use it? The company says the primary drivers of this growth are privacy, security and safety.

According to Alec Muffet of Facebook:

This is why in the last two years we built the Facebook onion site and onion-mobile site, helped standardise the “.onion” domain name, and implemented Tor connectivity for our Android mobile app by enabling connections through Orbot.

He continued:

Over this period the number of people who access Facebook over Tor has increased. In June 2015, over a typical 30 day period, about 525,000 people would access Facebook over Tor e.g.: by using Tor Browser to access www.facebook.com or the Facebook Onion site, or by using Orbot on Android. This number has grown – roughly linearly – and this month, for the first time, we saw this “30 day” figure exceed 1 million people.

The company seems committed to helping other companies learn to use the dark web in a similar manner. In a separate post Alec says:

Over time we hope to share some of the lessons that we have learned – and will learn – about scaling and deploying services via the Facebook onion address; we have many ideas and are looking forward to improving this service.  A medium-term goal will be to support Facebook’s mobile-friendly website via an onion address, although in the meantime we expect the service to be of an evolutionary and slightly flaky nature.

This news could be very big for the dark web and could cause other companies to explore launching sites there as well. After all, in a world where privacy, security and safety are more important than ever, the dark web provides an abundance of opportunities for companies looking to move and build new businesses in this exciting new space.

To learn more about the exciting opportunities, check out this exciting audio podcast (starts after 4:45) with Bloomberg hosts and Alan Meckler (founder of the Internet World brand and Mecklermedia) and be sure to come to Inside Dark Web the one-day conference in NYC which will answer all your pressing questions about Dark web opportunities. The event takes place May 12th, 2016 and your last chance to save ends this Friday, April 29th.

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