AI Creates a New Intelligence, Transforming Business

AI will be integrated into the fabric of every system, device and network. The global AI market is expected to grow approximately 150 percent from 2016 levels, reaching a forecast size of $4.8 billion according to Statista.

AI, machine and deep learning will create a New Intelligence, altering the destiny of every corporation.

Digital transformation underway in many organizations will be a continuous evolution – never complete, as the power of artificial intelligence is added to applications and solutions.

The era of self-tuning is upon us. Today, Facebook pointed out their services are self-tuning using Spiral, a system for self-tuning high-performance infrastructure services at Facebook scale, using techniques that leverage real-time machine learning. By replacing hand-tuned heuristics with Spiral, they can optimize updated services in “minutes rather than in weeks!”

The post continued:

At Facebook, the pace of change is rapid. The Facebook codebase is pushed to production every few hours — for example, new versions of the front end — as part of our continuous deployment process. In this dynamic world, trying to manually fine-tune services to maintain peak efficiency is impractical. It is simply too difficult to rewrite caching/admission/eviction policies and other manually tuned heuristics by hand. We have to fundamentally change how we think about software maintenance.

To efficiently address this challenge, the system needed to become self-tuning rather than rely on manually hard-coded heuristics and parameters. This shift prompted Facebook engineers to approach work in a new way: Instead of looking at charts and logs produced by the system to verify correct and efficient operation, engineers now express what it means for a system to operate correctly and efficiently in code. Today, rather than specify how to compute correct responses to requests, our engineers encode the means of providing feedback to a self-tuning system.

Google has been using AI in search since at least 2016. Chatbots and smart speakers are allowing people to do things more quickly and easily by communicating with machines which are always available. AI is able to spot tumors – often with more accuracy than doctors. Artificial intelligence has no ego to worry about and doesn’t get tired.

In short, a New Intelligence is sweeping business and the global economy. Every company will be affected and is at risk. Even the smallest companies with a website will need to explore implementing chatbots to allow for 24×7 customer service. 

The New Intelligence has a few themes worth noting:

Adaptive & Intent-Based Networking describes how networks need to change to contend with evolving security threats, complexity introduced by software-based instances and virtualization, the growing data deluge, and the need for better performance, faster troubleshooting and service turnup.

AIOps shows how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help ensure application performance, network performance, diagnostics and security.

There will be humans in tomorrow’s workplace and The Future of Work describes how AI and ML improve business communications, collaboration, contact center, customer service, marketing and sales experiences and initiatives.

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