Allworx Does Analog

Is it that Sandra Gault at Allworx loves her job or is it that Allworx is a great place to work? I say this because whenever I meet with her, she seems to be so excited about how her company helps SMBs be more productive and efficient.

Even when we talk and her company’s news isn’t earth-shattering like new Allworx Px 6/2 Expander which companies will use to add more analog ports to Allworx systems, I find myself listening intently as Gault explains that customers and resellers have been clamoring for such a product and as a result you can expect to see it released in about three months time.

By the way, if you have an Allworx 24x, 10x, or 6x system, this new Expander offers plug-and-play installation (assuming you have the latest firmware).

Why on earth would I even be writing about non-IP communications solutions you ask? Most of you probably thought analog was dead to me. 😉

Well, in truth, IP is great and it allows companies to be more productive, etc. But you know what… Not everyone is ready for VoIP today and allowing companies a migration path is always logical.

For companies interested in adding analog trunks, you should know that three of these units can be added for a total of 18 lines and moreover, the retail price for each box is $1,550.

As Sandra points out, you can now easily replace your aging TDM system with "VoIP readiness."

In addition, Gault went on to tell me about how their systems have incredible levels of cell phone integration with the ability to transfer calls, reject or send them in voicemail right from your cellular gadget of choice.

She tells me they have 55,000 customers so far and they are doubling their customer number each month.

Certainly, Allworx is on a tear and they are one of the few companies that other new players in the market tell me they want to be like. It is exciting to see a business grow and take share by sticking to the telephony basics and doing things right.

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