Apathy Vs. Reality

The FCC is inviting public comments on the XM/Sirius Satellite Radio merger. The commission is requesting that applications be snail mailed or e-mailed to them no later than July 9, 2007. The commission will reply to the concerned parties by July 24, 2007 and declare its conclusive stand by the year-end.
My opinion? No one really cares about this issue. The amount of responses will likely be light.
That doesn’t mean the decision to allow the companies to merge is a good one by default.
IMHO it makes sense for Sirius and XM to work on technology sharing where a single radio can receive broadcasts from either company. This should be a first step. This allows customers to pay an incremental amount to get the best of both stations.
I believe baby steps like this are a logical first step. A merger is second.

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