At MWC, Netronome Powers up Ericsson and Juniper NFV and SDN Solutions

A major theme at Mobile World Congress (MWC16) was digital transformation which allows carriers to compete more efficiently with OTT providers. As the world moves faster towards becoming fully digitized, the pace of change also gets quicker. Operators need to be agile and in order to be agile they need lots of powerful computers with smart software running things behind the scenes. AT&T’s move into OTT video this week is an example of how carriers need to compete on the competitor’s home turf.

Sujal Das (pictured below), SVP Strategy and Marketing at Netronome spent some time talking with me about how the company’s high-performance network hardware and software COTS coprocessing solutions.

netronome-Sujal Das.jpg 

He discussed the company’s Agilio hardware and software server based networking solution for NFV and SDN. They come in 2x10GbE, 2x40GbE and 1x40GbE configurations.

At the show, the company had demos running with Juniper working with the Contrail vRouter and Ericson showing off Open vSwitch, Ericsson cloud SDN and an HDS 8000 server. One reason to use the solution is a savings of up to CPU 10 cores in the Ericsson example. As a result, there is less CAPEX, and other related benefits.

Sujal concluded by saying, “You get up to 10x higher NFV performance with the Contrail solution.”

One other point which struck me was in 2011, Howard Bubb served as CEO of the company for a few years. Howard was also the CEO of Dialogic in the nineties as the company made DSP resource boards for OTS computers, allowing solutions like voicemail to be built. Interestingly, when he joined Netronome, the company wasn’t in the NFV space because – well, it didn’t exist. Now though, Dialogic is a big player in NFV and although they don’t compete with Netronome – the CPU offload is a similar business model to what Dialogic really cut their teeth on decades ago. Kind of an obscure link between these companies but for telecom veterans, probably of interest. Actually, when you think about it, there may be natural synergies between these companies today, in order to create more powerful NFV solutions.

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