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Written on my way to CTIA last week

I am on my flight out to Las Vegas and something kind of funny keeps happening to me. I keep getting confused about my flight. It started at the gate where I passed by it because I saw a banner that said US Air. I of course am flying America West. I asked a friendly gate agent where America West ticketing is located and she pointed me back to the area with the US Air banner.

So I got my ticket and didn’t think much of it.

Later I boarded the flight and before takeoff a video was shown mentioning US Air throughout. Weird I thought. Perhaps I am on the wrong flight I wondered. I looked at the empty seat next to me (the only empty seat on the flight — thanks America West) and it had the America West logo.

OK so I guessed I was in the right spot after all.

Again, weird. Perhaps they were sharing the airplane I surmised.

I just took a break to stretch my legs and opened up my Verizon XV6700 and saw a comment on my blog that was e-mailed. I get an e-mail every time there is a new blog comment. The comment was about It a frequent flyer class action suit.

I scrolled to the top of the message to see which blog entry was being responded to and it was titled US Air and America West merge. Too funny I thought. I forgot this merger ever even happened. If the web is the consciousness and history of humanity then the blog is the same for the individual.

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