Boosting Twitter Productivity

If you have a fair number of people following you on Twitter and you want to know who all your followers are, you can have Twitter alert you whenever a new person follows. The challenge is in order to learn more about a follower you have to click on their link to get to their page on the Twitter server. This is where the “fun” begins as Twitter can get overloaded and response times can be painfully slow.

In order to alleviate much of the waiting pain, set up a rule which sweeps all email from Twitter into a folder which you can check very early in the morning or late at night. I have found that any time in the morning before 10:00 AM or so EST yields pretty snappy performance. The worse time I have found so far is the early afternoon.

With the extra time you will gain from aggregating your Twitter communications you can choose to send a thank you message to all of your followers which contains links to more about you and your company.

Social networking and Twitter in particular can be a great tool if used properly but these services can also be huge wastes of time. I suggest company heads don’t push their teams to get involved in social networking without knowing what the goals are. Once set, measure and manage continually. This morning I went through 70+ follows and noticed a staggering number of companies devoting inordinate amounts of time to Twitter with only a few dozen followers each.

This doesn’t strike me as the sort of economy where companies should be wasting their marketing resources.

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