Broadsoft CEO Michael Tessler to Keynote StartupCamp6 at ITEXPO

While many of us take IP-based communications for granted, it is worth pointing out the market has gone through tremendous turmoil to get to where it is today. If you look back, 15 years ago communications service was provided by a handful of companies – the incumbents who are referred to in the US as RBOCs or ILECs and PTTs in many other parts of the world. Today there is a thriving ecosystem of competition with new entrants like Vonage and the cablecos which has been enabled by a handful of companies who had the foresight to make the important building-blocks which allowed communications to leave proprietary systems and leap to Intern Protocol.

One such company is Broadsoft and its CEO, Michael Tessler has beenTessler-photo.jpg
at the helm for 14 years. During that time he has seen bubbles and busts and now his company has a market capitalization of over one billion dollars.

One of the most exciting parts of next week will be StartupCamp6 Comms Edition where Michael Tessler will be keynoting. This event is collocated with ITEXPO and marks the first time we will have the pleasure of listening to him speak at the event.

Some of things I hope we hear about are the challenges of getting funding for a company that supported a market which didn’t exist at a time when broadband was far from ubiquitous and the term “cloud” was only used on the Weather Channel.

Moreover, I am looking forward to hearing the story of how an idea became a company and a market-leading one at that.

StartupCamp as the name implies is all about startups and at this event you will get to hear from a number of new companies as they pitch their products and services. You then get to hear an extremely knowledgeable panel critique the companies and give them ideas for improvement.

I hope to see you at the show in Austin Texas next week and yes, you can register now.

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