I just found out about a service bridging AJAX/Web 2.0 and e-commerce. It is and is similar to Google Maps for shopping. I played around with the service for a while and I looked at the watch section. At the forest view level you can see thousands of dots that become watches as you zoom in
You can select by style, type of watch or manufacturer name such as Tissot or Timex. When you drill down to a specific watch you can click on a watch to get more info. At the moment this part of the service can be improved to provide more information.
I can see product reviews added to this sort of service and click to call as well. There is a potential to turn this site into a click to call moneymaker. I think the method of shopping using this site is similar to shopping in a store where you scan a number of watches in a glass case.
Could this be the future of shopping? Potentially. I think the interface can catch on but only when it gets to be more functional and perhaps things like audio and video descriptions are integrated in the listings.

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