BT Fusion Gone

GigaOm reports that BT Fusion is going away to be replaced by a new service powered by HTC devices.

Fusion is a convergence service that allows subscribers to make cheap or free calls via Wi-Fi into a BT broadband hub at home and then make calls via the Vodafone network or through BT’s Wi-Fi hotspots when outside. Three dual-mode phones, including the Motorola Razr, are Fusion-compatible. It was first marketed to home users and later to businesses.

The article details a slew of reasons regarding why the system didn’t work but I think it is a bit harsh. IMHO the company tried and failed and learned. No company intentionally tries to fail and BT is an operator I wish we had in the US (I know they are here but I mean as a larger player) because they seem to always be trying new things. Sure, some of these ideas fail but in the end it is better to try and fail until you get it right.

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