Bugatti Veyron Wreck: Is Anything not on Video?

You really don’t want to be texting while driving if you command the $1.73 million Bugatti Veyron. You may have heard a man recently drove his into a salt water marsh. Oh, by the way, supercars and salt water don’t mix. As it happens, other than coral, seaweed, sand and marine life, really not much mixes with saltwater and lasts to talk about it.

By the way, the driver said he was looking at a low flying pelican which is not pictured in this video – I believe this is slang in some areas for checking email on my iPhone.

The car was purchased for $1.25 million last month and has over 1,000 horsepower. After seeing this live video footage below (there is some understandable profanity included in the clip) I have to wonder – is there anything in the world these days which is not being filmed.

Perhaps more importantly, I wonder if paying so much money for your transportation makes sense when people like the cameraman above think you actually purchased a Lamborghini which you can get for about a fifth the money. I guess these are some things to ponder when you cash in your insurance check and go back to the local exotic car dealership.

Did I mention, Bugattis make great gifts for your favorite blogger this holiday season?  😉

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