Build Online Communities With Adonis DNA

You gotta love Charlie Sheen – and after hearing him talk about his Adonis DNA – I realized, Hey… TMC has building hundreds of communities for customers over the past decade that also have Adonis DNA lifting-weights . They aren’t “tiger blood” perfect mind you but the millions of dollars we have invested in technology to connect the right buyers with the right content seems to be paying off nicely for TMC customers looking for branding, thought-leadership and leads.

This investment has in-turn yielded millions of readers who come to TMCnet each month and benefit from these communities which provide information on diverse topics from headsets and disk defragmentation to network monitoring and cloud computing.

We believe we have the largest collection of monthly sponsored communities on the Internet and if that doesn’t elevate our DNA to godlike levels, we aren’t quite sure what else we need to do. smiley-laughing

Perhaps this is why a popular question we get at TMC is how do I build a viral, content generated community of my own? Moreover, we get asked what sorts of content companies should use, how should they tie into Facebook and Twitter and more.

To answer these questions and more we have decided to have a free webinar on the topic which is coming up on March 30th, 2011, from 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST. We figured we would launch a series of educational products which will keep you posted on the latest in tips and techniques including search engine optimization and more.

I recently recorded this video which will tell you a bit more about the webinar. You can register now and hopefully we will see you online in a few weeks.


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