C Inventor Dies & Google+ Pros and Cons

I’m back in the office after my trip to SatCon and Content and Communications World in New York. Some of the stories catching my eye today are the continued Blackberry outage which RIM does not need, AOL shopping the company to Yahoo! which would be the blind buying the blind and Google picking up Akamai which Andrew Ross Sorkin of CNBC and others think is not going to happen.

Sad news – Dennis Ritchie died. He was a developer of the programming language C which has influences so many other languages and also part of the UNIX development team. I remember reading the book on C he coauthored with Brian Kernighan as if it was yesterday. C was officially the fourth language I learned after BASIC, Pascal and PL/1. It is certainly the most flexible of them all.

In other interesting news, a Google engineer has trashed Google+ but the problems he points out are programming related – not something the very day user will care about. Speaking of every day users, they may like the new feature of Google+ which allows real-time streaming of search results from the new social network.

Similar to HootSuite or TweetDeck searching on Twitter (yes it supports hashtags) – it provides you with constant results based on any keyword you search for. Here is a long screen shot from my computer and a video from Google with details.


While you are reading this I am updating to iOS5 – wish me luck – I hear there are potential problems.

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