CA Technologies the 800 Lb. DevOps Enabler

It isn’t tough to understand how applications are changing the world of business… Traditional industries are being disrupted big-time via software companies like Uber and Airbnb. Amazon is essentially a software company and APIs are becoming a major revenue driver for companies sharing information or adding value of some kind.

With the move towards more software the potential to be disrupted – even if you are a disrupter becomes greater each day. MySpace should have become Facebook. AltaVista should have become Google – Yahoo should have been Google as well. IBM shouldn’t be losing cloud business to Amazon. Microsoft saw the smartphone trend very early yet somehow lost the battle to Apple thanks to superior software.

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In a recent meeting with Aruna Ravichandran, VP, DevOps Product Marketing and Andi Mann, VP Strategy at CA Technologies they agreed, applications are changing the world of business and moreover their company wants to help your organization provide continuous delivery.

Andi Mann.jpgThe company’s goal is to help customers bring apps to market more quickly while providing availability, performance and security. Their environment assists in API security – an area of weakness for a number of vendors recently.

Moreover, by providing API control, a company can use them as a way to generate additional revenue. For example, they could allow a certain number of queries per hour for free and then charge. Another option – they can allows reads for free and charge for database writes.

Andi said, “IT has spent too much time as the department of no. now we want to enable business to run fast.” He continued by explaining brakes are what allows a car to go fast – they let you slow down. With proper API management he continued, companies can have hackathons and better connect with partners and contractors outside the organization.

Via the company’s Service Virtualization solution, developers can emulate even unavailable systems allowing things like backend calls to credit card processing systems. The system can even emulate those environments difficult to emulate due to licensing requirements.

They work with over 100 development platforms and allow custom integrations to be simply built as well.


“It’s a cultural transformation. It’s a people, process powered by tech as enabler to make DevOps real,” said Aruna. She continued by saying we are in an application economy where companies need to drive business, gain new customers, enter new markets and demographics.


The bottom line is their agile software development system allows companies to have parallel development and application delivery – allowing product bugs to be located and eradicated earlier in the lifecycle of applications.


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