Cato Networks Proves Quality, Interops with RingCentral

The SD-WAN solution from Cato Networks has been certified as a connectivity partner by RingCentral and in recent testing has shown to achieve a MOS score of 3.8 or greater – even with 15 percent or more packet loss.

“Many enterprises are deploying SD-WAN, as a leading technology to assure highest-levels of quality of service and availability,” said Curtis Peterson, senior vice president, cloud operations, RingCentral. “As part of our partner certification process, we tested Cato’s ability to deliver high-quality voice even under extremely poor network conditions. We found that Cato was able to accommodate more than 15 percent packet loss and still maintain a high-level of voice quality, which is a significant achievement in providing superior customer experience.”

This is important as it gives potential customers a performance score which can be used when comparing vendors. In reality, the more networks powering an SD-WAN solution, the more packet loss and latency a well-designed SD-WAN solution can handle.

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Cato Networks connects all branch locations and the mobile workforce into RingCentral datacenters with a global, secure, and optimized cloud-native network. RingCentral access is optimized by:

  • Minimizing latency by carrying cloud communications traffic across Cato’s optimized and managed global network, not the public Internet, directly into the same physical data centers shared with RingCentral.
  • Preventing congestion and last-mile packet loss that undermines voice quality with sophisticated upstream and downstream Quality of Service (QoS), traffic prioritization, and Policy-based Routing (PBR).
  • Compensating for brownouts and avoiding blackouts in the last mile with Active/Active Protection and Packet Loss Mitigation techniques.
  • Securing users and the corporate network against network-based attacks without the need for additional appliances or security services.

At the recent SD-WAN Expo (part of the ITEXPO TechSuperShow in South Florida last month, it became apparent that SD-WAN is at an inflection point. More companies, MSPs and resellers than ever showed up to learn about how to purchase and resell this leading-edge technology.

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This announcement from Cato and RingCentral is good from the standpoint that it puts a benchmark on the board for customers to use as a baseline for comparison when choosing a solution.

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